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2017, a year that marked the rise of cryptocurrencies and its underlying blockchain technology that fuels the core of decentralization, is also a year when almost every business started exploring options as to how this evolving technology can benefit their sector. While Blockchain Technology had the potential to change the face of multiple sectors, it has also changed the retail sector and paved a path for customers to make informed purchases while allowing retailers with innovative ways of marketing. Somewhere between things where we became used to the signs that showed “Bitcoins Accepted” and the mainstream adoption of the Blockchain Technology, the platform has made a sizeable impact within the retail industry while disrupting the customer purchase-decision journey.

Physical retailers for long have been running on a deficit when it comes to consumer data and the need that such merchants have been contending with for years is where the landscape of blockchain has evolved in the retail sector.

The traditional brick-and-mortar stores have by far relied on conventional marketing techniques using paper media or TV ads, the audience for which is never controlled. While retailers were busy with their traditional practices, the global customer was increasingly moving towards digital lives that has led to a gap between the both and impacted the businesses. Implementing technological solutions is the only way forward and blockchain can take such solutions to the next level.

Bridging the Gap Between Retailers and Customers – Introducing the SUBAJ Global Network:

The retail marketing with its traditional rewards platform has long been irrelevant where customers were forced to follow a cumbersome process that led to a rewards system that was insignificant in nature. “The retail market needs a strong shift towards targeted and centralized rewards system that benefits both the merchants and the customers on the platform,” said Adebayo Surakatu, Founder & CEO, SUBAJ Global Network. Adding further, he said that “The merchant that incorporates digital rewards platform, truly understands the core motivations of a customer and hence will ultimately be rewarded with a customer acquisition system where costs are significantly lower than the traditional marketing strategies.”
The SUBAJ Global Network enables merchants to set up targeted rewards network to enhance customer shopping experience while providing benefits that attract customers from the platform. Using the state-of-the-art SUBAJ app, fuelled by ultra-modern technologies of Augmented Reality, Pokemon Go Concept, Social Gamification and GeoDrop Technology, the merchants on the platform can launch marketing campaigns that target the customers directly using app notifications. Such offers can range from special offers, location-based offers, time-bound offers or even completely free shopping experience allowing users on the community to capitalize on the loyalty rewards being earned.

“The Loyalty Programs are highly insignificant. They are neither interconnected nor do we have a regulating body that makes sure the customers are not cheated” said Adebayo Surakatu when asked about the SUBAJ platform. “SUBAJ puts special emphasis on clubbing of rewards and every marketing effort launched by the community is never restricted with any limitations while making sure users on the community are able to purchase goods from Store ‘B’ using the reward points earned from Store ‘A’.”

Users enrolling on the SUBAJ platform are enrolled for SUBAJ Wallet, a prerequisite for using the ecosystem. The SUBAJ wallet facilitates sending and receiving of SBJ tokens while allowing users to convert business tokens, created by merchants to reward customers, into SBJ tokens that are universally accepted at all the merchant stores within the network.

This enables users to spend their rewards seamlessly without any limitations or even global barriers. Moreover, crypto-enthusiasts can even use the SUBAJ exchange platform for trading of SBJ tokens.
On the other hand, merchants on the platform can enroll on the platform using 3 different merchant packages and create their own business tokens backed by the SUBAJ blockchain to launch their marketing campaigns. The merchants have an advantage of attracting customers and maintain a loyal customer base at extremely low transaction costs while capitalizing on SGN’s state-of-the-art technology platform.
From merchant benefits to the centralization of reward points opportunities, such advanced rewards system and a comprehensive loyalty program enables a richer customer experience while enabling merchants with enormous prospects, ultimately bridging the gap between customers and retailers while creating a win-win situation.

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