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Blockchain technologies are rapidly changing the way we think about our digital identities and the way we interact with the world around us. Inherently decentralised, common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Ethereum, as well as, other Altcoins, are pioneering new innovations in a number of global industries.

Since 2008, Blockchain applications have increased dramatically, proving effective as technologies to reduce transaction costs, eliminate inefficient intermediaries and shift our reliance from subjective to objective decision making. For example, international remittances utilising Bitcoin will cost less and will settle faster, than utilising the service of a conventional global payment providers such as Western Union or XE. Despite the many benefits associated with cryptocurrencies, their integration into mainstream business and consumer industries has been latent.

The greatest impediment for mass market adoption, can often be explained by the complex nature of Blockchain technologies. Businesses are often required to make an upfront investment in new technical capabilities, or purchase additional hardware, before they add value onto existing products and services. Subsequently, the locations where consumers can currently use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, for transactional purposes, are limited.

Additionally, consumers often face liquidity constraints when storing cryptocurrencies both on and offline . Exchanging Ethereum and Bitcoin for cash, despite the benefits of such cryptocurrencies, is complex and time consuming- transfers from exchanges to a nominated bank account can take several days- precluding these digital assets from being used practically.

Enter Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMS, make buying and selling cryptocurrencies accessible for everyday customers, by instantly exchanging cryptocurrency for cash. The team at Värdex Suisse AG, has recognised the need and demand for a Swiss Bitcoin ATM network, to provide greater access and flexibility to the growing world of Blockchain. Founded in late 2017, our mission has been to make buying and selling Bitcoins as simple as using a normal ATM. Since the start of the year, our Bitcoin network has
facilitated more than 3 million CHF of buy and sell orders, and this number continues to grow rapidly. Thanks to the ongoing support of our customers, the Värdex Bitcoin ATM network is now the largest in Switzerland. And, we’re just getting started.

In collaboration with Bitcoin Suisse AG, the team has focused intensively on expanding the number of terminals offered throughout the country and you can currently find Värdex ATMs in 10 unique and convenient Swiss locations. This number will increase and we’re working hard to ensure that all 4 corners of the country are fully serviced to meet the demands of our Blockchain enthusiasts, investors and newcomers.

So what are the benefits of a Bitcoin ATM and why is it better than purchasing cryptocurrency on an exchange?

Our team has decided that there are at least 6 benefits consumers can take advantage of, when purchasing Bitcoins from our Värdex network. These benefits, include

#1 Speed

ATMs execute buy and sell requests almost instantaneously. As soon as money has been inserted into the terminal, a purchase or sale is executed for a sum equivalent to the payment amount. If you’re looking to convert your cryptocurrency into cash, this means no longer needing to wait several days to transfer cash from exchanges to your bank account- get your cash quickly and as you need it!

#2 Accessibility

A simple three-step process is all you need to know when using our terminals. You don’t need to setup an online wallet, nor deal with lengthy public keys, Your receipt contains a QR code, public and private key, which can be scanned and is immediately recognised by our terminals.

#3 Security

Whenever a new purchase request is accepted, our terminals generate a new private key and QR code, which will be printed on a paper receipt. This receipt is also known as a paper wallet- similar to a hard wallet which is tangible and an offline method of storing Bitcoin(s). So long as the receipt is stored in a secure location, your tokens will always be safe from online attacks by malicious agents.

#4 Flexibility – You Decide!

Choose between keeping your Bitcoins offline, or transfer them Online; onto an exchange to buy and sell for a number of other cryptocurrencies, or keep them in an online wallet. Whether you’ve purchased Bitcoins as a long term investment, to capitalise on a trend, or to use for payment, our ATMs offer superior liquidity and flexibility.
5. Anonymity: Despite global discrepancies of Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation, Värdex does not require customers to complete identity verification checks. We set a maximum sell and buy value, equivalent to 2,000 CHF, per day, to enable customers to use our machines hassle-free. Feel comforted knowing that you can execute your purchase and sale requests directly on the terminal and never require human intervention.

#6 Superior Customer Support

Unlike relying on the customer support offered by online exchanges, which usually only offer an email address for enquiries, the team at Värdex is here for you every step of the way with speedy response times. More than 90% of all tickets are actioned within 24 hours. If you have a question, a problem arises, or if you just want to get in touch to learn more about our terminals, our team is available 9am to 6pm,Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturday.

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