Mi. Mai 29th, 2024

Healthy food becomes less expensive thanks to new technologies. Swiss blockchain project, FoodCoin Ecosystem, joins the efforts with Grassfed on the Hill Buying Club and 1000ecofarms to make local farmer products reachable to customers.

People are always searching for ways to save their money and time when it comes to their daily routine. That is why they have tools that simplify their lives, as well as communities organized for different objectives. One of the most popular organizations today are the buying clubs or coops.

One of these clubs, Grassfed on the Hill founded by Liz Reitzig, made its first purchase on 1000ecofarms platform using FOODs. Several people made this order, which means that we are all joining our efforts to change the food industry.

The founder of Grassfed on the Hill club, Liz Reitzig, is excited about the integration, and believes that the collaboration with FoodCoin is promising. She believes that the mission of FoodCoin Ecosystem to build an ecosystem which provides local foods from farmers to consumers fits perfectly with the purpose of the buying club.

“1000EcoFarms.com, as a platform, offers a seamless way to accept FoodCoin and transact with crypto. Over the next few years, as FoodCoin develops the tools it will use on the blockchain, I can see how we will grow efficiently by using those tools.”

The colleagues of Liz Reitzig support the idea to integrate FoodCoin, and they plan to use it as a payment method, as well as using other tools, which FoodCoin Ecosystem will provide.
Merk Meytin, the founder of 1000ecofarms, notes that his platform is always open to new technologies and accessible for everyone who wishes to benefit from it.

“Since the start of our service we have been constantly looking for new and innovative technologies that can help farmers and small food producers to easier market and sell their products. From social media integration to search engine optimization of their pages, we have embraced emerging technologies to allow farmers to attract more customers and sell more products. So, when we discovered the benefits of blockchain in general and FoodCoin EcoSystem in particular, we have jumped at the opportunity to bring them to our customers. We are excited to help small farmers realize both the current benefits and those that will come later as this cutting-edge technology matures and to give the farmers access to tools that are otherwise available only to big corporations.”

“If we want FoodCoin Ecosystem to be launched and work properly, in addition to the technical tools and system we are currently developing, it is very important to have sellers and producers as partners we actually have. It is equally important though to have buyers, and we are very lucky to be partners with such a large buyers’ community as Grassfed on the Hill. We are really excited to bring benefit to the buyers which are now able to purchase natural products directly from farmers with less expense, because it is essentially our mission,” says Gregory Arzumanian, the CEO of FoodCoin Ecosystem.

FoodCoin Ecosystem was founded in August 2017. Since the beginning, its mission was optimizing supply chains in food production and marketing through blockchain-based instruments. Through its early adopter 1000ecofarms, FoodCoin Ecosystem has made partnerships with several food producers to implement the system in their businesses. Among others, there are large European companies: The Turmeric Company and ALDIM GmbH.

Buying clubs are communities which emerged in the 20th century, and have spread across the US. Their main objective is to organize people to purchase goods, mainly in wholesale lots, reduce expenses on retail, and distribute them among members. FoodCoin Ecosystem in cooperation with 1000ecofarms was created to offer a means to facilitate these tasks and the buying clubs now have a great opportunity to fulfil their potential.


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