Mo. Jul 15th, 2024

Friends, we are pleased to inform you of our strategic partnership with Chronobank, a revolutionary blockchain platform for cryptoassets management. Together we create the best service, providing our customers with effective and reliable information protection tools.

The banking industry, like any financial sphere, is a subject to frequent hacker attacks and is vulnerable to hacking. The goal of our partnership is to jointly provide users of our services with the latest solutions in p2p security an support the ideology of decentralization, which allows each participant of the ecosystem to contribute to the development of its community and infrastructure. LevelNet and Chronobank CEOs issued a statement.

Pavel Shkliaev , CEO and founder of LevelNet
Pavel Shkliaev , CEO and founder of LevelNet

At LevelNet, we developed the world’s first decentralized cyber security platform, accessible and easy to use. LevelNet Ecosystem is a global integrated network that allows users to instantly share data about attacks, providing effective real-time protection, and early warning of future security threats. To ensure the most rapid and reliable information protection, LevelNet uses relevant data from several platforms and anti-virus programs.

Pavel told about the cooperation with Chronobank : „Sergei and Chronobank are cryptocurrency pioneers and I am very glad that we were able to come to this agreement. This agreement will help us become leaders and give significant competitive advantages.“

Sergey Sergienko , CEO and founder of ChronoBank
Sergey Sergienko , CEO and founder of ChronoBank

„We care about the security of our users and we want every user to feel protected against security threats. LevelNet company products provides such an opportunity. If security is important to you, just like us, pay attention to the innovative approach to cyber security offered by LevelNet company, they are now conducting their ICO and are aimed at serious results. „- Says Sergey.

Chronobank is an ambitious global blockhain project, aimed at the evolution of HR and financial spheres. The platform is developed by experts who have more than 100 years of combined experience in the blockchain, IT and recruitment industries. The company issues tokens, the price of which is backed by man-hours.


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