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BitClave is announcing the official start date for the highly anticipated crowdfunding event is September 15th, 2017. After an incredibly successful presale in July, the BitClave team, which has been actively developing their public Alpha release, will be launching the full sale of their token, the Consumer Activity Token (CAT), to be carried out on September 15th. The full sale will provide the opportunity for the public to purchase CAT and be part of the first wave of users on the innovative BitClave Active Search Ecosystem.

BitClave is a software company lead by former LG Electronics CSO Alex Bessonov building the next generation of decentralized search focused on delivering the best experiences for web users. Powered by the privacy and security of blockchain technology, BitClave is creating a search engine that connects users directly with what they’re looking for, turning browsing into finding. By removing the middlemen in the digital advertising ecosystem, BitClave gives users control over their data and connects them directly with the businesses they’re looking for.

The BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is a unique decentralized search engine where users can perform a search and then opt-in to relevant advertisements, earning Consumer Activity Tokens for each ad engaged with. Through this platform, businesses can serve personalized, relevant offers directly to users who are already expressing interest in their products and services, significantly increasing their return on advertising spending while consumers are no longer plagued by irrelevant, obtrusive advertisements.

In July, BitClave successfully launched a presale of CAT which earned over $1.8 million USD, demonstrating high engagement from the user base. Initially offered at a discounted rate, the BitClave presale reached its soft cap in less than 24 hours with extremely high transaction volumes from the moment the presale opened at 4:00 am, Pacific Time. Since the conclusion of the presale, interest in purchasing CAT has continued to grow along with the amount of users opening BitClave wallets in anticipation of the full sale.


Additional Crowdfunding details:

  • Token generation cap: 2 billion
  • Token crowdfunding distribution: 1 billion
  • Tokens exchange: 1 CAT = $0.07 USD
  • Timeline: September 15 – October 15
  • Crowdsale opens: 4 am Pacific Time, September 15

Ownership of CAT Tokens carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use CAT Tokens as a means to enable usage of and interactions with the Network, if successfully completed and deployed. In particular, Purchaser understands and accepts that CAT Tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the Network and the Company, other than access to the Network, subject to limitations and conditions in the Terms of Use. CAT Tokens are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument. Furthermore, CAT Tokens are not intended to be marketed, offered for sale, purchased, sold or traded in any jurisdiction where they are prohibited by applicable laws or require further registration with any applicable governmental authorities. More information about the crowdfunding terms can be found on the BitClave Terms of Service page.

To learn more about BitClave and participate in the crowdsale, please visit the website and or reach out at


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