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Internet advertising currently plagues mostly every piece of content that exist on the internet and more often than not they bring no benefit to the viewer. Ad blockers currently work as well as a bandaid over a stab wound as users are often forced to disable them in order to have access to their favorite websites or end up viewing ads anyway due to whitelisted advertisers.

Adblockers can also deprive webmasters from their source of revenue. This can be about to change, however, as Mass Network introduces a novel piece of software that can make online advertisement fair by leveraging blockchain technology.

Under the new leadership of Alexander Kuzmin, Bitcoin advocate and CEO of Mycelium, Mass Network has recently released a prototype of their software, a browser plugin that allows users to get paid for viewing ads and sharing browsing data.

While the main functions of the software are not yet live, the recent test release gives users a pretty good feel of what to expect from the software. Mass Network isn’t just a simple adblocker, instead it allows users to choose and specify what to block and allows them to receive micro-payments from advertisers or webmasters in exchange for their attention and/or browsing information.

Mass Network making online advertisement fair by leveraging blockchain technology
Mass Network making online advertisement fair by leveraging blockchain technology

Micro-payments will be enabled by Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer digital currency that allows users to make transactions with no central authority or third party involved, thanks to a immutable public ledger known as the blockchain. The Mass Network software will run on its own native currency, an asset issued within the Bitcoin blockchain, the Mass Coin. These coins will be used for all payments within the network and users will be able to withdraw and exchange them later on in an cryptocurrency exchange.

Mass Network is currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign, a one time event in which investors can acquire Mass Coins, in exchange for bitcoins. The software itself will be released in March of 2017, but anyone is welcome to try out the prototype version and get a first look at the piece of software that can change the way we browse the web.

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