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As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, 2024 is poised to be a year brimming with opportunities to learn, connect, and innovate. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the upcoming events are set to offer invaluable insights into the world of blockchain and finance. Bintense, an innovative online crypto exchange, is here to highlight the key events you shouldn’t miss this year.

July 2024: A Month of Innovation and Networking

Kicking off the summer, Blockchain Expo World 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 4 to 7, promises to be a dynamic event where businesses can connect with their target audiences through personalised marketing tools. This expo is a fantastic opportunity to meet potential customers and expand your network within the blockchain community.

Next, from July 8 to 11, the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris, France, will gather the brightest minds in the Ethereum community. Known as the largest annual European Ethereum event, EthCC offers four days packed with conferences, networking sessions, and deep dives into Ethereum technology and its community.

The 6th International Conference on Blockchain and Internet of Things (BIoT 2024), which will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, from July 19 to 21, provides a forum for researchers and industry professionals to discuss the intersection of blockchain and IoT. This event is perfect for those interested in blockchain technology’s technical and research aspects.

Rounding off the month, Bitcoin 2024 Nashville will be held from July 25 to 27 in Nashville, TN. With the upcoming Bitcoin Halvening, this event is set to focus on accelerating Bitcoin adoption across various sectors, making it a pivotal gathering for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

August 2024: Diverse Insights from Across the Globe

August begins with Fintech_Devcon in Austin, TX, on August 7 and 8. This event is tailor-made for fintech builders, offering practical tools and industry secrets without the usual sales pitches. It’s an ideal setting for those looking to get hands-on experience and learn from the best in the fintech industry.

The Blockchain Futurist Conference returns to Toronto, Canada, from August 13 to 14. As Canada’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event, it promises an immersive experience with leading experts in Web3, DeFi, and more.

Simultaneously, the 3rd Annual ETHToronto will run as a hybrid hackathon, allowing participants to engage both online and in person.

Istanbul Blockchain Week will take place on the same dates and feature IstanBlock as its centrepiece. This event will take a deep dive into sectors like DeFi, Trading, and Venture Capital, offering insightful talks and debates led by industry leaders.

Later in the month, Coinfest Asia 2024, which will be held on August 22-23 in Bali, Indonesia, will immerse attendees in the latest innovations and emerging markets in Asia. Following this,

Tokyo, Japan, will host WebX2024 from August 28 to 29, Asia’s largest Web3 conference, showcasing the future of crypto and Web3.

September 2024: A Global Convergence

Korea Blockchain Week 2024 kicks off September 1st to 7th in Seoul, South Korea. This annual festival has become a global gathering for blockchain and Web3 leaders, making it a must-attend for anyone in the industry.

From September 10 to 11, Finnovex Middle East in Dubai, UAE, will explore cutting-edge issues and the potential of financial innovations. This summit series is known for its thought leadership and forward-looking discussions.

Singapore will be the epicentre of blockchain activity from September 18 to 19 with TOKEN2049, bringing together global Web3 industry players. This event offers unparalleled networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and developers.

Later in the month, the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona, Spain, from September 25 to 26, promises to be Europe’s most influential blockchain event. With over 6,000 attendees and 300 speakers, this convention offers a comprehensive view of the Web3 ecosystem.

Closing the month, MAINNET in New York, NY, from September 30 to October 2, will offer a mix of experiential learning and independent content, ensuring participants leave with a deep understanding of the crypto economy.

October 2024: Expanding Horizons

October begins with the Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from October 1 to 2. This event is perfect for discovering what leading blockchain companies are up to and where the industry is headed.

From October 9 to 11, Permissionless III in Salt Lake City, UT, promises panels, networking opportunities, and a deep dive into the crypto world amidst the beautiful backdrop of Salt Lake City.

London, UK, will host Zebu Live 2024 from October 10 to 11. This event will showcase top startups and thought leaders in Web3, DeFi, NFTs, and more. It is ideal for those looking to stay ahead in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Germany’s Crypto Rockstars Cruise, from October 25 to 27, offers a unique networking experience on the high seas. It combines leisure with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2024, which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from October 31 to November 1, will continue its tradition of showcasing blockchain innovations to a global audience.

November 2024: Leading the Way

With the World Blockchain Summit on November 11 and 12, Singapore will again be a hotspot. This event focuses on networking, thought leadership, and deal-making within the Web3, blockchain, and crypto communities.

Finally, on November 23 and 24, Sydney, Australia, will host the Australian Crypto Convention, the largest event in the Southern Hemisphere, drawing over 10,000 attendees.

Wrapping Up: Choose Your Adventure in Crypto

The array of events in 2024 offers something for everyone, from developers and researchers to entrepreneurs and investors. These conferences are more than just networking opportunities; they are platforms for learning, inspiring, and driving blockchain and cryptocurrency’s future.

Bintense, as a dedicated online crypto exchange, encourages you to mark your calendars and make the most of these events. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge, expand your network, or discover new opportunities, 2024’s crypto events are set to deliver. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of blockchain and finance!

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