Di. Jun 18th, 2024

Japan is struggling with bizarrely high crypto taxes. Individual crypto-holders have to pay up to 55% tax over their profits, and companies pay around 30%. For both groups, something may now change.

55% for retail, 30% for corporates

Japanese crypto investors are still at it. Nothing has changed yet about the bizarrely high 55% tax, despite the fact that crypto-lobby groups like the Japan Crypto-Asset Business Association (JBCA) and the Japan Crypto-Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA) want to change this. Nevertheless, these lobby groups made some kind of profit.

The financial regulator listened to the JBCA and the JVCEA. They proposed to relax the corporate tax rules for crypto assets. In addition, the regulator wanted lighter levies for the ’normal‘ investor.

The plan

The regulator’s plan is to exempt companies from taxing crypto profits on paper. The Financial Services Agency – as the regulator is called – also called for the promotion of a program that gives tax breaks to regular Japanese crypto investors.

The regulator wants to do this by expanding the Nippon Individual Savings Account (NISA). What is this? Good question. The NISA allows crypto investors to have a portion of their investment gains exempted from capital gains tax for a certain period of time. The aim is also to increase investment limits and allow the programme to continue indefinitely.

Japan’s tax panel will make decisions by the end of the year. First there will be a review of proposals from government departments.

By Christian Mäder

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