Di. Mai 28th, 2024

Earn 1 million dollars if you find a bug on Ethereum before September 8

The reward for finding a critical error was previously $250,000, but it has been increased by a factor of 4!

Rewards for finding non-critical bugs have also been increased. Finding bugs with a „high risk“ can now earn you a bounty of up to 200,000 dollars. Finding medium-risk bugs can earn you 40,000 dollars and you get 8,000 dollars when finding a low-risk bug.

It won’t be long before The Merge will take place. This will finally cause Ethereum to move from the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. Two blockchains will be merged to rid the entire Ethereum ecosystem, consisting of games, DeFi, decentralized exchanges, NFTs, etc, of mining.

This merger has been years in the making and it makes sense that the Ethereum Foundation would do everything it can to make this as smooth as possible. With that comes an increased reward to encourage white hat hackers to find problems so they can be fixed in time.

Submit by September 8

Because there is time pressure behind this, bug reports can be submitted until September 8 at the latest. That date is important because Ethereum changed the target date of The Merge yesterday.

The Merge was previously scheduled to take place on September 15, but yesterday the Ethereum Foundation announced a window between September 10 and 20, meaning the event could happen even sooner than expected.

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