So. Okt 2nd, 2022

Long-term bitcoin holders are beginning to record losses similar to those of the last bear market. However, analysts at Glassnode expect the pain to remain or even worsen. Currently, long-term bitcoin holders (for 155 days or longer) are experiencing the biggest losses since March 2020.

Realized losses are skyrocketing

Based on a measurement of the value of bitcoin sent towards the exchanges, Glassnode calculated an accumulated realized loss of more than 0.006 percent of bitcoin’s total market cap. These are the heaviest losses since March 2020.

Institutional investors remain positive

Despite the continued malaise in the market, professional investors are positive about bitcoin. At least that’s according to the latest report from CoinShares, in which they write about the capital inflows from professional investors into bitcoin funds. These reached a positive figure of 100 million dollars (around 95 million euros) last week.

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