Di. Dez 5th, 2023

The latest news emphasizes that the Metaverse is here to stay and to matter. It is not about games, it is about economy, politics and life! Just have a look!

“The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the city would become the first metropolis in the Metaverse”.

“VISA created a consulting service on cryptocurrencies and blockchain”.

“Barbados Is opening a Diplomatic Embassy in the Metaverse where real estate can cost millions”.

The headlines about the Metaverse being born are as stunning as once the headlines about first landing on the Moon were.

The double entrancing news for you today is – there’s a project that brought the Metaverse to the Moon.

NFT Moon Metaverse is a blockchain project based on the digital copy of our Moon. Their idea is to make it inhabited – to work out digital cities and economies on the empty surface of the Moon. All the land plots, characters and other in-game assets there are NFTs, and the big goal is to make this digital world interoperable. When entering the NFT Moon Metaverse later on, one must have the possibility to interact with users worldwide and gain access to the purchase and sale of any kind of products and services. So NFT Moon Metaverse is a part of the greater global Metaverse as a place to communicate, to make business and to express yourself using the newest technologies and benefits of the Web 3.0.

A distinctive feature of NFT Moon Metaverse is its connection to the real world. Guys are creating an entire ecosystem that can become a micro-simulator for building economies and organizing life on other planets, in which people can simulate life in space in the distant future, find soulmates and create communities, build businesses, cities, economies, learn something new, and of course make real money. Showrooms for NFT artists and musicians will also be created within the Moon Metaverse.

How does it work?

NFT Moon team created a digital copy of the Moon, divided it into 10.000 virtual land plots, and converted these plots into NFT certificates, divided into 6 types as to their rarity and quantity. Each level has its own uniqueness starting from Standard to Genesis. The player will be able to sell lunar plots and rent them out, build lunar houses, create NFT items, states, economies etc.

What’s the point of buying real estate that doesn’t exist?

Metaverse virtual real estate has become a hot commodity and growing trends are going to continue. The influence and value of the social networks can hardly be overestimated, but experts expect much more from the social networks of Web 3.0. which will be based on blockchain, VR and virtual land.

Tuesday Feb 1, 2022 CNBC reported that the Metaverse has become a major destination for real estate after reaching $500 million last year. Analytics company Metametric Solutions predicts that real estate sales across the four major metaverse platforms, which topped $500 million last year, will double to $1 billion this year.
The average user cannot afford to buy a plot in those Metaverses anymore – the prices are too sky-high. Two massive real estate purchases took place in November 2021, one of them totalling roughly $5 million USD for a piece of virtual land. But those projects have all started from the minor prices of several bucks about 2-3 years ago.

Brandessence Market Research report says the metaverse real estate market is expected to grow 31% per year until 2028.

The newest upward Create-to-Earn trend (С2Е) needs free space to create.

With the growth of blockchain and crypto, new economic models for games are beginning to emerge under the Create To Earn (C2E) model, where members can create content and then host their own content on the NFT for use and monetization within the Metaverse.
With the Create to Earn trend creators have more autonomy and freedom to interact and monetize their creativity however they wish. The C2E model ties the users‘ income to their creativity! It strikes gold for artistic users who are looking for a passive income stream.

The NFT Moon Metaverse is the space where both trends coexist peacefully. Both P2E and C2E models promise great financial benefits to users and players. C2E is an extra step further from the P2E model, as participants can produce their own content, turn it into NFTs to use and monetize in the ecosystem, while players earn crypto by having fun in the P2E part.

The land plots in NFT Moon Metaverse projects are on sale at OpenSea. The prices are still very low starting from 200 Matic. More information about the project can be seen here in our discord https://discord.gg/KAepV35KTN or Telegram https://t.me/nftmetamoon.

The conditions are super-beneficial now, but the project is gaining popularity rapidly. Do not miss your chance to be a part of a great change of the contemporary world.

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