Do. Dez 7th, 2023

LBank exchange is one of the largest and best-known companies in the cryptocurrency industry in the world. DhabiCoin (DBC) will be listed on the LBank exchange soon. LBank is one such platform that outperforms the competition on many fronts. The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange has been around for many years, since 2015. LBank offers versatile trading opportunities with nearly 500 tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, USDT, and soon DhabiCoin. The average daily volume on the platform exceeds one billion dollars and more than 28 BTC. Users can access the LBank platform globally through the App available in Android and iOS versions.

DhabiCoin was officially launched on January 17, 2022, on the BigOne exchange and then on three more exchanges: Latoken, Hotbit, and Pancake Swap. Although DBC launched amid an earthquake in the cryptocurrency market, DhabiCoin has kept its liquidity and significant daily transaction value for a newly launched coin at the time of market anxiety. Everything shows that this DBC’s result is because the currency has a robust project for the medium and long term. See one of the DBC initiatives ahead.

One of the big news of 2022 for the cryptocurrency world will be the expansion of Metaverse with the merger of Microsoft and Facebook, already renamed Meta. Metaverse will allow the existence of a virtual world where users will not only be able to play games hold meetings with personalized avatars, but above all, Metaverse will be a planetary mall on screen of people devices. Nike, for example, already develops shoes that users will be able to try on through the Metaverse itself. The navigability of Metaverse and its applications will surprise its users. Many analysts in the cryptocurrency world already point out that the crypto coin that unites the platform with an intelligent and audacious application has everything to dominate the market from now on.

DBC is already close to publicizing its Metaverse platform, which will have many virtual stores where users will test glasses, watch musical shows, and other facilities that Metaverse is bringing. With this initiative, the team behind DhabiCoin seeks to occupy a fundamental niche in the digital world, get more functionality to DBC and increase its market capitalization.

DBC is already in the market, and the team continues to innovate and invest in the increase and consolidation of the currency in the world market.
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About DBC:

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