So. Apr 14th, 2024

Edtech e-learning site Preply has minted 3 NFTs on Opensea to reward their most loyal tutors of 2021. Calculated by most-hours taught, the top tutor in EN, FR, and ES were awarded with the tokens.

These top tutors have spent a combined 10,000 teaching hours on the site. Preply will be adding perks in months to come for the holders of their exclusive NFTs. The has made clear its ambitions to use latest technologies to encourage and reward use of the online learning marketplace.

Owning a Preply NFT means being part of an exclusive club. Rewards for holders will include tickets to events, perks, learning courses, and access to Beta tests of the product not publicly available which will be unveiled in the near future.

This is a push toward the future. As businesses rely less heavily on offline strategies, and look more to the online domain, technologies like NFTs are the perfect way of rewarding users. They are unique in that not only do they show appreciation to top performers, they also mark them as a part of an exclusive community, with rewards and tokens being distributed in the future.

Dmytro Voloshyn, co-founder and CTO of Preply asserts that

“Smart Contracts, the technology behind NFTs, are going to be a game changer.”

“They allow for ownership to pass hands on a blockchain. That means proof of ownership can live in the public domain and can be passed from one wallet to another for a small fee.”

“Companies need to be utilising these technologies to stay competitive and ahead of the game in an online realm that is constantly evolving and growing.”

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