So. Jun 4th, 2023

Last month, the Republic of El Salvador announced a plan to build the world’s first “Bitcoin City”, funded initially by Bitcoin-backed bonds. It is not surprising to hear the news related to bitcoin regarding Salvador, given this republic is also the first sovereign state that adopted the cryptocurrency bitcoin as their legal currency. Salvador is believed to gain momentum by the essential reform and to dodge the U.S. sanctions.

People may naturally ask a question: who is the next one?

On December 9th, Justin Sun and Grenada jointly made history. They changed many unbelievable things and break some incredible records. Grenada, an island country located in east Caribbean, appointed Mr. Justin (Yuchen) SUN, as their new Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the WTO in order to enable the recycling of the national economy.

Tron founder Justin Sun is getting political and apparently phasing out his involvement with TRON, a cryptocurrency platform established by himself. He has a plan to leave Tron blockchain to TRON token holders. After witnessing El Salvador’s smooth transition in making bitcoin legal tender, he is now paying more attention to crypto legitimization in Latin American countries. Grenada and Sun could therefore echo each other in this particular case.

Justin Sun is regarded as one of the high-profile individuals in the digital-asset world. He was honored as the listed person of Forbes China 30 under 30 in 2015 and 2017. It is not difficult to profile a talented person like H.E Sun, young, smart, graduated from top-tier universities (Peking University, Penn. Univ. and etc), energetic, and wealthy. He is already a natural peer of those hi-tech tycoons, like Elon Musk. People like them always figure out a way to boost business, to achieve breakthrough earlier than others.

Justin Sun is regarded as one of the high-profile individuals in the digital-asset world.
Justin Sun is regarded as one of the high-profile individuals in the digital-asset world.

With respect to cryptocurrency, top players may have similar cognition on Latin American countries. A bunch of crypto entrepreneurs and ventures have been moving to the Caribbean, the new Xanadu for innovative causes. Exchange FTX recently relocated to the Bahamas. Barbados is thus pushed to the forefront of innovation because of the same reasons. They have opened an embassy in Decentraland, a crypto metaverse. Puerto Rico, the U.S. Commonwealth, has become a U.S. tax haven for the cryptocurrency holders. 

By creating TRON in 2018, a successful cryptocurrency initiated in China yet gained substantial popularity around the globe; H.E Sun has won prevailing recognition in business world, which shall properly help with the transformation of Grenada’s post-covid-19 economy. Nevertheless, H.E Sun also had abundant experiences in terms of public services and charity causes in China. As the ambassador representing Grenada in the WTO, he is expected to make greater contributions to Grenada and the international society.

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