Di. Mrz 28th, 2023

The second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon led by a consortium made up of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, Trust Square, CVVC, CV Labs, SUPSI, and HSLU, and held as part of the NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland program took place this weekend at Trust Square’s Rennweg hub in Zurich, at SUPSI in Lugano, at the University of Geneva and online. The NTN Innovation Booster program is supported by Innosuisse.

347 hackers in 69 teams worked on the diverse challenges provided by Bossard, the City of Lugano, Dexgame Julius Bär, NZZ, Richemont, Canton of Ticino, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swiss Post, Casper, SEBA Bank, Nomoko, ZHAW & FairRecycling, and Lumas Gallery. The challenges ranged from Fake News detection, private decentralized finance platforms, smart factory logistics and smart assembly solutions, decentralizing the cheese value chain, gaming, safely transferring identity data, building permits, a local economy reward, crypto wallets and stable coins for a bank, switching energy suppliers, a non fungible token (NFT) marketplace, emission certificates, digital art ownership transfers, and more. The hackers were supported throughout the whole phase of the hackathon from technology, business and IP experts from academia, protocols, challenge partners and external partners, ensuring the submitted projects meet the need of the blockchain protocols and the challenge owners so that they can in a next step be turned from proof of concept to viable projects.

Heinz Tännler, President of the Swiss Blockchain Federation and Zug’s Finance Minister, opened the #SBHACK21 with the words: „You are all here for one reason: You are fascinated by blockchain. Whenever such a disruptive technology and opportunity comes around, we cannot help but wonder where this journey takes us. Therefore, I admire you for your curiosity.“ Carmen Walker Späh, Government Councillor of the Canton Zurich, Christian Vitta, Government Councillor of the Canton Ticino, and Ralf Kubli from Casper and Niklas Nikolajsen, Founder of Bitcoin Suisse, went on and encouraged the participants to look beyond and to find good solutions to the challenges and thus to further strengthen Switzerland’s leadership when it comes to innovation, especially in the emerging technologies field.

For the first time this year, the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon was held simultaneously in four locations. A livestream brought all involved parties together throughout the weekend, with broadcasts from Zurich, Lugano, Geneva, and online sites uniting Switzerland’s innovative power.

We are convinced that with this year’s Swiss Blockchain Hackathon we achieved the important goal of furthering the corporate curiosity in blockchain technology and of bringing together the brightest minds to, in the shortest time, come up with viable blockchain solutions for a digital future. We sure transferred the enthusiasm for decentralized technologies and tapped into the outstanding knowledge within the Swiss blockchain community to generate tangible applications and business models for various industries. This will further promote a sustainable technology ecosystem and strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading location for research and development in blockchain technology

The winners of #SBHACK21 were announced live on Discord on Sunday, 31 October at 2 pm CET.

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