Mo. Apr 15th, 2024

SEBA Bank, the institutional grade digital asset banking platform with a Swiss FINMA banking and securities dealer license, together with its partners Banque Internationale à Luxembourg and LuxCSD, today announce that they have successfully completed their CBDC experiment with Banque de France.

The alliance, led by SEBA Bank, performed the Delivery vs Payment of a listed security with TARGET2-Securities as delivery platform in test environment and CBDC tokens issued by the Banque de France. The confidentiality of transactions was achieved through a protocol that makes use of zero-knowledge proofs in order to encrypt and obscure the values of the CBDC transactions over a public Blockchain.

As a result, the participants successfully demonstrated the ability of distributed ledger technologies to communicate with the Eurosystem’s settlement platform TARGET2-Securities for the settlement of listed securities. The success of this experiment will be an important element of contribution to the Eurosystem’s global reflection on the benefits of CBDC and blockchain technologies to improve payment and settlement of transactions.

Matthew Alexander, Head Digital Corporate Finance SEBA Bank states:

“We are delighted to have led the successful completion of this experiment with the Banque de France and to have leveraged SEBA Bank’s institutional grade digital assets platform infrastructure to support Banque de France in this important development and contribution towards the possibility of a Digital European currency.”

SEBA Bank would like to thank Banque de France for its trust and its partners Banque Internationale à Luxembourg and LuxCSD for their engagement and contribution to the success of the experiment.

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