Sa. Mai 18th, 2024

Trust Square and Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association (TBTA) establish Ecosystem Partnership. With this strategic partnership, the two organizations bridge the alps to connect the Ticino blockchain and the Trust Square community. The goal is to enable new collaborations and accelerate the blockchain ecosystem in Ticino and Crypto Valley.

TBTA and Trust Square will offer joint initiatives such as events to connect blockchain startups, investors, corporates, and academia.

In a first step, TBTA will join Trust Square’s upcoming DLT Event Series with Think Tanks, Panel Discussions, a hackathon and a conference – including some of Trust Square’s favorite DLT firms like Bittrex Global and Cardano – accelerating the Swiss DLT community and beyond.

About Trust Square

Located in the heart of Switzerland’s commercial center at Paradeplatz and Rennweg, Trust Square provides a space for innovative ideas to flourish. With disruptive technologies as the common denominator, Trust Square connects entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, businesses, investors and academics and allows them to pursue their visions in an open, versatile and diverse environment.

Since 2018, Trust Square hosted more than 300 events, from panels and talks with industry experts to think tanks, hackathons and tech conferences.

Our Swiss Blockchain Hackathon 2019 in collaboration with AWS attracted more than 200 hackers.

Trust Square has provided office space to more than 80 blockchain companies, among them Cardano, B3i, Neo, Sygnum, flovtec, Procivis, Verum Capital, Blockchain Valley Ventures and Consensys.

Trust is not only about technology per se, but also about open dialogue and the integration of appropriate applications into society. It’s beyond technology. No matter what technology you’re engaged in, join us and our network of experts, find inspiration and the resources to pursue your vision.

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