So. Mai 26th, 2024

FiCAS AG’s landmark „15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP“ is now listed at the Börse Stuttgart under WKN A3GQYG and ISIN CH0548689600.

Ali Mizani Oskui, the founder of FiCAS AG, said,

„We are delighted that our unique actively-managed cryptocurrencies investment vehicle is now listed at the Börse Stuttgart. Germany is home to leading financial institutions and also to people who are well-aware of the benefits of diversifying the portfolios in the cryptocurrencies asset class. The listing at Börse Stuttgart simplifies the access to our unique product by German and EU investors more broadly“.

Since launch on 15 July 2020, FiCAS AG assets under management have grown to over CHF 15 Mio. and the product has scored a 250% performance. FiCAS AG continues to implement its active trading strategy predicated over a period of 3 to 5 years and focused not on replicating a coin holding strategy but on increasing the NAV of the product by actively trading the top 15 cryptocurrencies irrespective from their specific paths and denominations.

Key Data on 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP

  • ISIN: CH0548689600
  • Valor: 54868960
  • Listing: Börse Stuttgart / SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Denomination: 1 Unit
  • Minimum trade size: 1 unit
  • Maturity: open-ended Base Currency: EUR / USD / CHF

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