Mi. Jun 19th, 2024

SEBA Bank, a FINMA licenced Swiss Bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets, today announced that Argor-Heraeus, aXedras and SEBA Bank are joining forces to create a Gold Token.

The project aims to issue a token backed by responsibly sourced gold, providing a cost-effective access to the precious metal. Together with Argor-Heraeus, the first refinery joining the consortium, and aXedras, a blockchain based precious metal platform, SEBA Bank ambitions to boost and promote the Swiss gold ecosystem and set a new standard in the stablecoin sector.

The SEBA Gold Token can be used as a stablecoin in the digital economy, allowing transactions settlement, trading and act as a store-of value shielding holders from the volatility in traditional and crypto markets. The token will allow physical delivery in investor-specified quantities and will empower the holder with responsibly sourced gold.

Guido Bühler, Founder and CEO of SEBA Bank, says:

“This innovation is enabled thanks to the blockchain technology and the joint effort with our pioneering partners Argor-Heraeus and aXedras. With the gold token we overcome the traditional hurdles of holding physical gold, it will bridge and fuel the adoption in the future economy. SEBA Banks ambitions to bring the trust and stability necessary to establish confidence in the digital assets.”

Christoph Wild, CEO Argor-Heraeus, adds:

“We are delighted to be part of this project that aims at providing investors with an innovative solution, bringing together the advantages of both digital and physical assets. The possibility of backing digital tokens with physical, responsibly-sourced, gold undoubtedly represents a novel way for investors to access the precious metals sector. Innovation and responsibility are among Argor-Heraeus’ core values since the beginning of our activities and we think that this collaboration is a prime example.”

Urs Röösli, CEO at aXedras, states:

“The aim of our blockchain-based Bullion Integrity Ledger™ is to connect the leading stakeholders of the global precious metal industry to ensure the needed data and product integrity for innovative commodity finance products. The cooperation with SEBA and ARGOR-HERAEUS via our DLT-based business network is a great example to use latest blockchain technology to achieve novel and efficient financing solutions.”

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