Sa. Jun 15th, 2024

The Swiss start-up Honesto is launching a trading app for the secure trading of digital assets such as crypto currencies and security tokens, using the services of the B2B transaction bank InCore Bank for the custody of digital assets as well as account management.

Analyses carried out by the start-up revealed a large number of private investors who are interested in crypto trade or security tokens, but were previously hesitant. Whoever is not already familiar with the crypto world may quickly perceive it as intransparent and complex. Now Honesto wants to change this.

Honesto focuses on providing a maximum of simplicity and safety. Trades are executed by using a digital purse, which enables users to maintain an overview of up to 28 reliable and tested liquid exchanges. The user then decides whether to buy, sell or hold. Clients‘ assets in their digital wallets, which can consist of traditional currencies (also known as FIAT money) and crypto currencies, are deposited in an account with Swiss InCore Bank.

Transparency and security are major issues for crypto investors, as there are more than 250 online exchanges where crypto currencies and tokens are traded. However, not all of them are regulated or safe.

Users are often confronted with a market which is difficult to understand. InCore CEO Mark Dambacher:

«Our cooperation with fintech companies is based on our strategy involving digital assets. InCore Bank is one of the first established financial service providers worldwide to recognize the potential of digital assets such as crypto currencies and security tokens. We believe that the Honesto app meets a major need and corresponding demand in the market.»

«Honesto is rethinking crypto trading and advocating greater acceptance of crypto currencies. In this way we build the bridge between crypto and the world of traditional investments. I am pleased that with InCore Bank we have a trusted transaction bank at our side, which perfectly complements our services»

says Sanela Lüscher, founder and CEO of Honesto Ltd.

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