Di. Mai 21st, 2024

Starting last week, Kraken clients based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein will be able to fund their accounts with EUR sent via SEPA.

We are excited to announce that Kraken has partnered with FINMA-regulated Incore Bank to provide additional avenues for clients to fund their accounts in EUR, CHF, GBP and CAD.

This partnership adds to Kraken’s diverse set of banking and payment partners around the world as it continues to build links between the crypto industry and financial institutions.

A second phase of the integration, which will begin in approximately two to three weeks, will allow clients in supported countries to send money to the exchange via InCore. Additionally, funding in CHF, GBP and CAD will be made available during this integration, as will support for SWIFT transfers.

About InCore Bank

Founded in 2006 and based in Switzerland, InCore Bank specializes in providing safe, fast and reliable transaction processing, making it an ideal partner for Kraken clients looking to easily fund their accounts.

Additionally, the bank has long-been tech-friendly and an advocate for the crypto industry, and it shares Kraken’s belief in the importance of linking the crypto world with the traditional financial system to drive mainstream adoption.

By Christian Mäder

Publisher and Founder >> Christian Mäder auf LinkedIn

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