Requirements of governments to undergo verification procedures KYC\AML play into the hands of a variety of criminal groups. Today, ordinary criminals has become high-tech gangsters and extortionists often team up with hackers and gain access to users personal and financial information. Using a blockchain analyzer, it will not be difficult for a professional hacker to indicate your cryptocurrency wallets that will lead him to your email address and real physical location. Then his criminal buddies to take money from you – this is a matter of technology.

Very often, personal data is often stolen through hacking crypto exchanges that receive and store data of their users received through KYC. You probably know that most cryptocurrencies have an open blockchain, where everyone can see information about each transaction. Thus, cyber criminals and other third parties who want to intervene in your affairs receive information about how much money you have. Combining this information with your personal data, they can use all the means of pressure that they know to steal and extort crypto from you.

Why is it dangerous to leave your cryptocurrency unprotected?

Many crypto holders think that digital money is safe from ordinary robbers, because cryptocurrency is something in the virtual world, but its value is quite real, so it is of interest to everyone. This often leads to dangerous and terrible consequences when a cryptocurrency user takes it carelessly. Ordinary bandits are always ready to rob and kill those who possess at least some values. And if they find out who you are, then believe me, they know many ways how to make you give out everything to them.

Here are a few examples of how common criminals combines with cyber ones to get things done. A crypto trader from South Africa was kidnapped and tortured because, a person on Facebook who was interested in cryptocurrencies invited him to his home and asked him to tell more interesting things about cryptocurrency. When he arrived, he was met by a group of 6 people who lulled and abducted him. He came to his senses in an unknown place where a group of people, using violence, extorted information from him about his crypto wallet and bank account. As a result, the victim could not stand it and gave them all the information.

In total, the criminals robbed him of nearly $65,000 from his Bitcoin wallet and bank account, and stole smartphones and laptops. We can say that he was lucky because he survived, the criminals simply dropped off on an unknown road blindfolded. The victim in the intensive care unit now, the criminals have not yet been found.

Other cases occurred in the UK, in New York and Connecticut, in each case, robbers broke into the house of the victims, and in the latter one, the owner of the cryptocurrency was shot dead at home. Criminals will stop at nothing to get cryptocurrency. If you have enough crypto, then never run the risk of meeting unknown people in unknown or remote places. Take friends with you to that meeting, and it is better to let it be a public place. Remember that your wallets could be tracked and find out how much cryptocurrency you have stored there.

How to protect yourself from tracing

In order not to give an occasion neither digital nor real dangerous bandits that can cause you physical harm, do not let anyone monitor your transactions. Use a crypto mixer (such as BitMix.Biz) to break the chain of transactions that one could track.

1. To do this, you will need to go to the BitMix.Biz website and create your mixing order;
2. Select your preferred cryptocurrency mixing settings;
3. Then send coins to a special address for mixing, and indicate the wallet to which you want to receive coins cleared of traces of past transactions;
4. Automatically receive mixed coins on the specified wallet.

What is a cryptocurrency mixing service?

This is a special service to prevent snooping on the blockchain and identify your personality. When mixing coins, your crypto transfers cannot be tracked, so you remain anonymous, and therefore safe.

Isn’t Bitcoin anonymous?

Bitcoin was created for anonymous transactions, but in fact it is not anonymous. This is because you have a wallet address that someone can track them in the open blockchain. So, at the wallet address in the end you can reach a specific user, his IP address, and hence the physical location of the person.

Why choose BitMix.Biz?


  • The most powerful and sophisticated randomization algorithm
    Several levels of randomization according to the delay, the amount of reward and the depth of the transaction chain.
  • No trace, no registration, no logs
    The highest level of confidentiality that the service can provide. No cookies, no fingerprints.
  • No JavaScript required
    Quick with minimum visual effects.
  • Coins directly from the exchange
    You get a really clean digital currency with a good history.
  • Earn with us
    Participate in the affiliate program and receive rewards for each transaction of mixing the new user you attracted.
  • Public API
    No registration required.
  • TOR
    Maximum privacy.
  • 100% Bitcoin anonymity guaranteed
    There is no way to track your transactions using cryptocurrency blockchain analyzers.
  • Use a secure service proven by thousands of users
    For several years of successful work of BitMix.Biz has many reviews on popular crypto-related websites.

Be careful when choosing a crypto mixer, because recently quite often unscrupulous people have been creating scam mixers, or “mixers” that actually don’t mix anything, but just charge you a fee.