Mo. Jun 5th, 2023

The BitBox02 is now available at the Blockstream Store. Store your sats in this Swiss-made #Bitcoin-only hardware device and narrow your attack surface. Purchase now with the Lightning Network or an on-chain payment! 🔒🇨🇭⚡️


  • Get your hands on the BitBox02, for the finest in Swiss-made hardware security, manufactured by Shift Crypto.
  • This bitcoin-only version truly narrows your attack surface to a minimum by shaving off all unnecessary hardware, keeping your BTC as secure as possible.
  • An OLED with touch sensors lets you set up with intuitive and simple gestures, and backup is easily done on microSD.
  • To get the nitty-gritty details, including specifications and a full list of security features, click here.
Dr. Adam
Dr. Adam at the Korea Blockchain Week 2019.
Foto provided by D.FINE

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