Mo. Jun 17th, 2024

Der libertäre Staat „Liberland“ sucht Leute:

We are expanding our local permanent staff on-site, to free up our volunteers from some of the work of running the base-camp, to provide stability and to get the necessary local knowledge and know-how.
I’ll be needing:

– A prof. and cost-effective Croatian and Serbian translation of the base text.
– Suggestions on newspapers, where to print add.
– Suggestions as to online sites, where we could post the add.

The ‚Liberland Settlement Association‘ (LSA) are seeking candidates for summer employment at our base camp.
The LSA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to building a prosperous free-state on the border of Eastern Croatia and Western Serbia.

You are:

– Willing to work 5 days a week; at least 8 hours a day, doing all kind of misc. work, from administration to basic construction to shopping
– Available to start almost immediately, and available for a period of at least 4 weeks.
– You speak English.
– You speak & write either Serbian or Croatian fluently
– You are locally based (Osijek, Batina, Sombor or similar).
– You have a driver’s license.
– You have basic IT-skills (emailing etc.)
– You are a freedom minded, honest and hardworking individual.

– You will sleep and eat on-site at the expense of the LSA, 5 days a week.
– You will be paid the normal local wage for unskilled labor in addition.
– You will present yourself for a short job interview at Carinska kolonija, bb 25270, Serbia.

If interested, please contact us in writing at

By Christian Mäder

Publisher and Founder >> Christian Mäder auf LinkedIn

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