Di. Jun 11th, 2024

From August 15th to September 4th, VAULT will be exclusively available for members of the Vaultoro referral program. Sign-in to Vaultoro, go to the Referral section, claim your unique link and start earning VAULT today.

What is VAULT?

A token modeled after Binance’s BNB (currently trading at ~$30) and designed to pay for services within the Vaultoro ecosystem.

VAULT’s first functionality is that of a voucher, that can be used for reducing trading fees. Everyone holding VAULT will be able to settle their trading fees using the token.

How much VAULT can I earn?

Vaultoro is rewarding you with 300 VAULT per verified users. 200 for the referrer and 100 to the referee.

Why should I hold VAULT?

Currently, VAULT can be earned through our referral program by verified Vaultoro users exclusively. However, public trading will start on Q1 2020.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get

  • Discounts on trading fees and other Vaultoro services
  • Voting rights for new coin listings and features
  • Priority service from our support team
  • Beta access to new Vaultoro products and features
  • Access to the future Vaultoro Launchpad

Get 100 VAULT for free here:


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