Mi. Dez 6th, 2023

For the first time in cryptocurrency history, a coin—Alibabacoin(ABBC), is being listed on nine top exchanges at the same time. We’ve heard the company promise it over and over again, but now they delivered. ABBC, the product of hard work by the company called Alibabacoin Foundation will now be available on nine major exchanges at the same time. The following platforms are the exchanges where ABBC is available—BitForex, Coinsuper, Coinbene, IDAX, TopBTC, OOOBTC, RightBTC, Dragon Ex and Sistemkoin.

Listing in even one major exchange is no simple task. There are specific sets of requirements on getting listed to different exchanges, and these necessities make getting listed to even one major exchange very hard for all cryptocurrency projects. But Alibabacoin Foundation proved that they have what it takes to get it done, and they did it. A simple online search shows you that this may very well be a first in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Getting listed in several major platforms has been mentioned by the company to their followers who have been eagerly following the developments of the project. Many were surprised by the major movements and decline in cryptocurrency prices as mentioned by their CEO in their previous social media announcement.

Alibabacoin Foundation immediately adjusted to the situation and revised their listing strategy so that they will be listed at their expected rate. The company did this to give more benefits to their initial coin holders and anyone who will be interested in purchasing or trading their coin in the future.

While all the previous announcements have been vague until things are finalized, now it is confirmed. Alibabacoin Foundation released the names of the exchanges to the public in a previous email blast to their wallet registrants and now, they are openly announcing their partnerships with these major exchanges.
It is definitely a great move by Alibabacoin Foundation to gain the trust of the public by delivering on their promises. The company is hopeful and feeling positive that they will be able to cater to the needs of their audience more.

The company did not only list in one, but nine major exchanges. This makes it a very attractive for the people who are frequently trading and buying cryptocurrencies.

To prepare for listing, the company encourages their audience to register in the nine exchanges and complete the requirements per exchange so that you can easily purchase and trade ABBC in these platforms.
Don’t forget to download and register in the Multi-Crypto wallet that is fully integrated into the Alibabacoin Foundation blockchain platform and allows the users to store and transfer multiple cryptocurrencies such as ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, and DASH at the same time. It is available for download in Android devices. For iOS users, they can use the hybrid wallet.

Now, the followers are able to confirm that once the company promises something, they are the type to do it despite the challenges that they would face. This makes a lot of their audience excited for the things that they are developing to improve the Alibabcoin ecosystem as mentioned in their website www.abbcfoundation.com

Alibabacoin Foundation is not affiliated with Alibaba Group Holding Limited, China.

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